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Ways to BOOST Motivation after a bad day

It’s late, you’re tired, work was tough and you can’t ignore that looming uni deadline. The last thing you want to do is type 2000 words on English literature or whatever you are studying…

We all have bad days. When it affects your study schedule there can be a knock on effect to your grades and, ultimately, your goals.

Here’s a few ways I try to motivate myself to study after a long, hard day:

Play some music


Go for a walk


Remind yourself of your goals – long & short term

My Plan

Have a treat (chocolate mmm!)

hot chocolate

Eat a decent meal


If all else fails, have a night off!


Having a plan and trying to stick to it always helps to keep me motivated, especially if I write it down. There’s something about written plans that makes them feel set-in-stone. You have to make sure you give yourself a break though, especially when you are finding things particularly hard. Don’t burn yourself out.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated after a hard day? Let me know in the comments!


A Week of Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day

Happy #NationalWalkingMonth!

A while back I set myself the challenge of walking more. Last week I finally conjured up the motivation to start. I decided to do the recommended 10,000 steps per day for a week to see how I would feel. I walked to work, went for a quick stroll at lunch and then walked home. Luckily this amounted to exactly the number of steps that I needed for the day! In total each day I walked for around 1 hour and 40 minutes, with my mile count at about 4.5 miles per day.

Monday – 10,280 steps

On Monday I felt good! I felt energised after walking to work and I was early for a change! I couldn’t wait to get out and have a proper break at lunch. When back in the office I was focused and productive and didn’t feel the 3 o’clock slump. After my walk home I didn’t feel tired at all and could probably have done more walking if it wasn

Tuesday – 10,621 steps

On Tuesday I felt even more energised, the sun was shining and I was early for work again. I went for a longer walk at lunch because it was such a nice day. I was excited to walk home as I’d had a particularly productive day and so I wanted some thinking time before I had to sit down to my uni assignment.

Wednesday – 10,215 steps

On Wednesday I felt a little drained. I don’t know whether this was due to the stress that comes with uni assignments or the walking but it didn’t stop me from doing my steps. I took a shorter walk at lunch as there are fewer people in the office on Wednesdays but I was glad of this! I managed to submit my assignment and get a decent night’s sleep ready for tomorrow’s walking.

Thursday – 10,546 steps

On Thursday I felt a lot less drained but oh my calves!! I struggled to walk with pace because my legs were really tight. When I got home I did some stretches and they really helped, but it’s something I am going to have to continue to do until I’m a bit more flexible! I also think this was down to the fact that I hadn’t been drinking enough water. Something I’m quite often guilty of. Nevertheless, I still got my steps done and felt proud that I’d kept it up this far.

Friday – 12,064 steps

Friday was also a struggle on the legs to the point where I wasn’t going to walk at lunch. I hadn’t taken any lunch to work so that forced me out. I walked to my sister’s house after work, which took me about an hour. When I got there I was exhausted but after a quick drink and a rest I was dancing around the living room with my niece!

Saturday – 11,524 steps

I worked on Saturday and so this meant walking both ways. I felt energised again and with only 8,000 steps from the work journey I was trying to think of ways to up the step count. Getting the bus rather than accepting a lift helped with this and pushed my steps to where I needed them.

Sunday – 11,531 steps

I was worried about how I would fit all of my steps in on a day off work so I arranged to go for a walk with the BFF. We went to Crackley Wood Nature Reserve, where all of the bluebells were in bloom. It was beautiful and also nice and flat so easy on the calves as they were still aching.

img_6934I really enjoyed my walking week challenge. Throughout the whole process I haven’t lost any weight but I haven’t really been keeping an eye on my diet and that wasn’t my aim. I definitely feel in better shape for it! I am going to continue to do at least 10,000 steps per day until my calves stop aching. After this I am going to bump the step count up to 15,000 by taking an evening stroll.

How do you get the recommended daily steps? Any tips on calf stretching? I’d love to hear from you!


Why you should THINK before you SPEAK… or scream.

Life can be harsh. My friends and I are currently grieving the loss of a very special friend. However, this post is not about that. This post is about an experience I had at work last week. It made me think about how people can detach their consideration for other people when speaking to a ‘company’ on the phone.

It is easy to forget that the faceless person on the end of a phone has feelings. They are not just a voice attached to a company. When anger has been brewing inside you over the space of a week and your children are running around, driving you crazy during the Easter Holidays, an eruption of emotion is hard to contain. This does not mean that you are entitled to scream down the phone like a toddler having a tantrum. Have some respect for yourself and others and you could save that person unnecessary stress and yourself unnecessary embarrassment. I am not a robot here to listen to your out of control screaming. I am a person too.

So next time you call a company with a complaint, think about this…

You don’t know what they are going through

The person on the end of the line may have just lost someone. They may have thought that they could muster enough courage to make it to work that day because they didn’t want to let the team down. They may be going through a break up or divorce or have any number of issues in their life. Not everyone is hardy and well equipped to deal with a feisty customer, especially when dealing with clients is not a major part of their role. You don’t know what someone is going through whether they are on the end of a phone or you meet them in the street. Have a little consideration and you can make life a little bit easier on somebody having a bad day.

It may or may not be their fault

It doesn’t matter whether the fault is theirs or not, screaming at them is not the answer. But saying that, if it is their fault, you will cause that person to feel guilty and worthless. Nobody deserves to feel that way, people make mistakes. If the mistake is not theirs on the other hand, although they are there to represent the company, they are not at fault and may be trying their best to sort out somebody else’s mistake.

Screaming will NOT get you anywhere

Sometimes you just need to let it all out, I get that. But that doesn’t mean it is going to get you anywhere. You are far less likely to get what you want out of somebody if you are screaming at them. Asking to speak to somebody in charge rather than taking it out on the first person you reach on the phone will allow you to explain your problem to somebody who can actually do something about it, without ruining anybody else’s day.


Have a little consideration, feel a little love.


My Weekend [with photos!]

I have been in a particularly good mood this weekend, possibly because the sun has been shining and I have been really productive!

Friday evening was nice and chilled, I bought some cheeses, pork pie and crackers to have a ‘bits & bobs’ dinner and settled down to watch Pretty Woman for the first time. I absolutely loved it. Definitely one to add to my list of favourites!

Saturday morning was super productive! Listening to the radio instead of watching TV helped me to sit down and focus on studying without any distraction. I got loads of reading done and a bit of adulting in between (urgh, bills!). I recently moved my living room around because I didn’t like the fact that I was facing the wall with my back to the room when I was studying. I moved my sofas to create a cosy, separate space for chilling and then changed the dining table setting so that it felt more like a study space. Everything is now closer to hand if I need it and I actually want to sit there and be productive thanks to the addition of a few pretty pieces.

In the afternoon I met the bestie for a light lunch and some drinks at The Golden Cross.  It’s one of the oldest pubs in Coventry and has just been done up. I had a BLT, which was very nice (except for the rocket, I hate rocket!) and it was very reasonably priced at just a fiver. I loved the new VW wallpaper in the toilets and may have taken a selfie (or ten). We ventured on to the Campbell, now called the Phoenix and shared a bottle of prosecco. Feeling a bit tipsy, we decided to have a chilled out evening and reminisced of the days when we used to go out every single week, how did we manage to afford it?!

After staying with the bestie for the night, I walked home on Sunday. There was glorious sunshine and the Spring flowers and blossom trees were in full bloom. It took me about an hour and meant that I could have a good walk in my new trainers that I bought for walking to and from work. (You may have read in a previous blog post that I was attempting to up my walking game this year, a little update: I now average about 8 to 10,000 steps per day, woo!).

On Sunday afternoon I went to see the BFF. We had a BBQ then went out to take a few photos for work. I was loving the outdoor sunshine so much that we decided to go and find a couple of Geocaches that were close to us. It’s so surprising how close to nature you often are. We only crossed the street to find that a gate opened out into big fields with lovely views. The sun was setting slightly, which made for some nice photos. We found both Geocaches this time, one behind some stinging nettles, ouch!

I have loved this weekend and spending time with those that are close to me. It goes to show that you can have a productive weekend while still being social at the same time!

My New Top (It’s a hand-me-down!)
Love this wallpaper <3
Sunset whilst Geocaching
A Funny Find in one of the Geocaches
Red Sky at Night


10 ways to be more organised

I’ve been trying to make sense of organisation this week. I am frequently late, lose my keys often and always forget plans if I don’t write them down. Here are ten ways that I’m going to try to organise my life better…

1. Have a place for everything

2. De-clutter

3. Get things ready the night before

4. Stick to a routine

5. Go to bed earlier

6. Write things down, Bullet Journals are great for this!

7. Put things back where they came from

8. Use a calendar

9. Set reminders

10. Just THINK/PLAN ahead

If you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, you can read all about them here. I used mine when moving house this year and I have to say, it was incredibly useful! It definitely helps you to remember everything you need to do, important events and loads more.


One thing it can’t do is help me find my keys so I’ve invested in a nice ‘key bowl’ so that they have a place and don’t go missing again!


Let me know in the comments if you have any more useful tips to bring more organisation into the chaotic life of a twenty-something!

Making Sense Of Life

Life has been a bit hectic in 2016, to say the least. I’ve moved twice, lost friends, lost touch with family, been through break up, been in and out of the doctors and grieved. There’s times where I’ve stopped and thought, am I cursed? Is the whole world against me? Why do I deserve this? But there’s also been times where I’ve been on top of the world, creating new adventures and discovering myself as a person.

Deciding to go it alone was the biggest decision I’ve made this year and by far the best. At 25 I should know how to pay bills, how to set heating systems on timer and how to cook without poisoning myself but apart from living at university (that didn’t count, by the way) I’ve not really had the chance to make sense of the world and how we live in it.

8 months on from moving out on my own I’m still finding it a crazy, clumsy adventure. I’ve learnt to ask questions wherever I can, because sometimes the answer isn’t as obvious to you as it is to others. I’ve also learnt to pick my friends carefully as some want different things to you. Finally, I’ve learnt that you need to hold those that are close very tight so that they do not suddenly float away.

I’m still not sure whether I can make sense of life or anything that happens in it. But what I can do, through writing, is try to work it all out in my mind and work out what is learnt from experiences in life. Both GOOD and BAD.

Reasons to start cycling to work

These days it is so expensive to rely on (usually unreliable) public transport, and even if you do drive, that can cost a great deal too. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get around this – I live a little too far to walk (50 minutes walking + bad timekeeping skills = late to work) so I am considering cycling to work instead. Here’s my pros and cons:

Reasons FOR cycling to work:

It’s FREE – no more £50 per month bus pass, that’s at least 6 bottles of wine, right?

FRESH air! – no more disease ridden buses!!

FITNESS – exercise every day and a fit bum to show for it

TIME – getting to work quicker, not waiting around for buses

ENVIRONMENT – what better way to do your bit in helping the environment?

Reasons AGAINST cycling to work:

WEATHER – it’s not really the best time of year to start cycling, but living in the UK where the weather isn’t exactly predictable, when would be the best time to start?

APPEARANCE – turning up for work flustered with helmet hair isn’t the best look, let’s be honest

SAFETY – the nights are dark and rush hour is busy

I can definitely see more benefits to cycling to work, as long as you cycle on roads that are less busy and keep a few cosmetic items at work. In the long run it will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle, helping to make sense of life’s ups and downs through a clearer mind.

5 Things to NOT be Envious About

Being a twenty-something is hard work. Scrolling through your news feed it seems as though everyone you’ve ever known is getting married, having babies or travelling the world. But why make it harder for yourself in comparing yourself to that girl who you barely spoke to at school? Here’s 5 things you should STOP being envious about, because it’s your life and you’ll live it the way you want…

1. Popping the question

Popping the question.jpeg

At some point in your twenties you will notice a change in your social media feeds. They will suddenly go from photos of shots and drunk statuses to photos of ring fingers and kissing couples. But what do you do if you are still taking toilet selfies at 3am while the rest of the world seem to be getting hitched? It may look like every man and his dog are getting married but I can assure you, they are not. It just seems that way because you are focusing on their posts. And who cares if they are anyway?! You will get married IF and WHEN you are ready, not because there is an uprising epidemic of ring finger selfies on your news feed.



I love babies. I love everything about them, so it is hard NOT to get jealous when somebody I know announces they have a baby on the way. But it is best to reassure yourself that you are not ready for a baby and you are getting all of the experience of life while you can before you bring a little bundle of joy into the world and teach it all you know. And at least you can get lots of babysitting in for practice in the meantime!

3. NOT Being a student


This is a personal one for me. There’s nothing harder than seeing your little sister graduating before you and your even littler sisters starting university when you are still studying. At 25 I should have graduated a few years ago but i’m glad it has taken me longer. I have been able to gain work experience whilst studying part-time in my own time, giving me ‘valuable skills’ for my CV. Aside from this though, I have learned that everyone has their own path, and everyone travels down their path differently. For my sisters, an elegant glide. For me, a clumsy stumble.

4. Having a career plan


Again, it may seem like everyone has a plan set out by their mid-twenties but not every plan works out. If you are the sort of person that floats between jobs trying to decide what you are going to do with your life, you are at least gaining experience in different fields of interest rather than going for one set goal. Then if something doesn’t work out for you, at least you have other skills to fall back on.

5. Travelling


This is one of the hardest things not to get green-eyed about. Seeing their photos and hearing their stories, you wish you were out there living the dream. Maybe one day you will but right now something is stopping you. Don’t let this get you down. Work towards a goal because if you truly want to do something, you will do it. Even if this means venturing out on little city breaks or country walks from time to time.

I am guilty of each and every one of these but I try not to dwell on them. If you focus on doing the things you love and you are passionate about, everything else will fall into place. Don’t compare yourself to others, they are not on your path and they do not walk (or stumble) the same way as you.