Yesterday I went on a lovely Autumnal country walk at Ryton Pools. The leaves were floating gently to the ground all around me and it was all very calm. I love walking at this time of year, here’s why:

  1. There are hardly any people around – who wants to go out in the cold, right?
  2. The colours are amazing! – so much more to see than in summer (including mushrooms!!).
  3. You don’t get hot and sweaty – nothing worse than rocking up to the pub after for that (well deserved) pint looking like you’ve accidentally fallen in the lake.
  4. You get to accessorise – who doesn’t love a woolly hat and scarf??

Don’t get me wrong, you need to be prepared for mud and the possibility of rain but that’s what makes it feel like an adventure.

Autumn Walking.jpg

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