These days it is so expensive to rely on (usually unreliable) public transport, and even if you do drive, that can cost a great deal too. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get around this – I live a little too far to walk (50 minutes walking + bad timekeeping skills = late to work) so I am considering cycling to work instead. Here’s my pros and cons:

Reasons FOR cycling to work:

It’s FREE – no more £50 per month bus pass, that’s at least 6 bottles of wine, right?

FRESH air! – no more disease ridden buses!!

FITNESS – exercise every day and a fit bum to show for it

TIME – getting to work quicker, not waiting around for buses

ENVIRONMENT – what better way to do your bit in helping the environment?

Reasons AGAINST cycling to work:

WEATHER – it’s not really the best time of year to start cycling, but living in the UK where the weather isn’t exactly predictable, when would be the best time to start?

APPEARANCE – turning up for work flustered with helmet hair isn’t the best look, let’s be honest

SAFETY – the nights are dark and rush hour is busy

I can definitely see more benefits to cycling to work, as long as you cycle on roads that are less busy and keep a few cosmetic items at work. In the long run it will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle, helping to make sense of life’s ups and downs through a clearer mind.

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