One of my goals for 2017 is to learn a new skill. At first, I was going to try my hand at knitting. After researching a bit I came across needle felting and it was love at first sight. Honestly, google needle felted animals and you will see what I mean.

So I went down to my local Hobbycraft and bought Kirsty Allsopp’s needle felting kit. I was surprised at how easy it was from the start! The kit is great if you’re a beginner because it comes with everything you need and a little booklet of inspiration. The only thing I would add is more instruction, but hey! That’s what Youtube is for, right?

The first thing I made was this flower thing, kinda groovy.

Got the hang of the basics, I’ll move onto something more challenging.


How cute is he! I must make Mr Owl a girlfriend…

Oh. So she looks more like an evil nemesis but it makes for a funny picture!


She looks like she’s rolling her eyes at him.

Finally, I made this lovely heart decoration…

I’ll be posting a How To so that you can make your own heart decoration very soon! (Just in time for a Valentine’s treat maybe?!) Watch this space 😉